Our Quartets

Several Alamo Metro Chorus members are also in quartets! The following quartets currently have AMC members and are available to sing throughout the community. 

Blue Baris 

Singing all parts and different times:

Denise Fly

Kellie Welsh

Bebe Caldwell

Kerry Parker

(281) 703-3065     [email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/bluebaris4






Tenor: Karen Maney

Lead: Robyn Lynn Matula

Bass:  Tianna Coffey

Bari:  Kerry Parker

[email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/extraquartet

Vitality  (2022 Region 10 3rd place Champions!) 

Tenor: Hilda Mancillas 

Lead:  Molly Wilson

Bass:  Ronda Perez

Bari:  Sasha Nunnally 

Contact: Hilda Mancillas  Phone: 210-379-6060 https://www.facebook.com/Vitality-SAI-Quartet-100862375821364


Mad Hatters

Tenor: Beth Cruse

Lead: Gerry Schmoker

Bass: Pat Miles

Baritone: Diane Johnson

(210) 655-1574


New Edition 

Tenor:  Alice Williams

Lead:  Jane Schlinke

Bass:  Carin Williamson

Bari:  Anna Mae Garner

[email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/NewEditionQuartet





Tenor:  Juli Dearrington

Lead:  Daphne Vasquez

Bass:  Lisa Deiser

Bari:  Lisa Pitcher

[email protected]

Contact us

[email protected] 



"Loved every minute of the performance. The choreography was super—it made the songs even more lively and interesting. The singing was fantastic. I can see why you are winning your competitions!"

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