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Our Quartets

Several Alamo Metro Chorus members are also in quartets! The following quartets currently have AMC members and are available to sing throughout the community. 

Mad Hatters

Tenor: Beth Cruse

Lead: Gerry Schmoker

Bass: Pat Miles

Baritone: Diane Johnson

(210) 655-1574


Blue Baris 

Singing all parts and different times:

Denise Fly

Kellie Welsh

Bebe Caldwell

Kerry Parker

(281) 703-3065     [email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/bluebaris4


Hot Note 

Tenor:  Dian Sandefur

Lead:  Natalie Dunckel

Bass:  Janet Moe

Bari:  Bebe Caldwell

(210) 710-8557     [email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/Hot-Note-Quartet-101611711629037


New Edition 

Tenor:  Alice Williams

Lead:  Jane Schlinke

Bass:  Carin Williamson

Bari:  Anna Mae Garner

[email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/NewEditionQuartet




Tenor: Karen Maney

Lead: Robyn Lynn Matula

Bass:  Tianna Coffey

Bari:  Kerry Parker

[email protected]     https://www.facebook.com/extraquartet



Tenor: Anne Cafiero

Lead:  Ellen Kiser

Bass:  Beth Sacco

Bari:  Gina Dixon

(504) 931-7755  https://www.facebook.com/Toulouse-Quartet-1253338921371609

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[email protected]



"Loved every minute of the performance. The choreography was super—it made the songs even more lively and interesting. The singing was fantastic. I can see why you are winning your competitions!"

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