Our Leadership

Alamo Metro Chorus Management Team, 2020-2021

  • Operations Manager: Jane Schlinke
  • Music Manager/Master 700 Director: Ryan Heller
  • Finance Manager: Janet Moe
  • Member Services Manager: Lynn Lada
  • Communications Manager: Bev Evans
  • Marketing Manager: Carla Norvell

Alamo Metro Chorus Music Team

  • Master 700 Director: Ryan Heller
  • Assistant Director: Ronda Perez
  • Choreographers: Lisa Deiser, Lisa Pitcher and Bonnie Garcia
  • Section Leaders
    • Tenor: Mercedes Smith and Ethel Lowther
    • Lead: Robin Negrón, Daphne Vasquez and Lynn Lada
    • Baritone: Bebe Caldwell and Kerry Parker
    • Bass: Lisa Deiser and Ronda Perez 
  • Music Librarian: Kerry Parker and Ethel Lowther

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"Loved every minute of the performance. The choreography was super—it made the songs even more lively and interesting. The singing was fantastic. I can see why you are winning your competitions!"

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