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  • 2022 2nd Place Harmony Classic

    Come sing with us! 2022 2nd place winners of harmony Classic Sweet Adelines International and Winner of Most...

Our Leadership

Alamo Metro Chorus Management Team, 2020-2021

  • Operations Manager: Lisa Pitcher
  • Music Manager/Master 700 Director: Ryan Heller
  • Finance Manager: Janet Moe
  • Member Services Manager: Gretchen O'Malley & Delaine Gaston 
  • Communications Manager: Kay Hernandez
  • Marketing Manager: Bev Evans

Alamo Metro Chorus Music Team

  • Master 700 Director: Ryan Heller
  • Assistant Director: Ronda Perez
  • Choreographers: Lisa Deiser, Debbie Haller, Lisa Pitcher, and Bonnie Garcia
  • Section Leaders
    • Tenor: Mercedes Smith and Ethel Lowther
    • Lead: Lynn Lada, Candice Griffith
    • Baritone: Bebe Caldwell and Kerry Parker
    • Bass: Lisa Deiser and Ronda Perez 
  • Music Librarian: Kerry Parker and Ethel Lowther

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"Loved every minute of the performance. The choreography was super—it made the songs even more lively and interesting. The singing was fantastic. I can see why you are winning your competitions!"

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