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AMC Management Team, 2016-2017


  • Communications Manager:  CINDA CREWS
  • Finance Manager:  JANET MOE
  • Image Manager:  LISA DEISER
  • Marketing Manager:  DELAINE GASTON
  • Member Services Manager:  RONDA PEREZ
  • Music Manager/Master Director:  MARY ANN WYDRA
  • Events Manager:  PAM DUKE
  • Operations Manager:  JANE SCHLINKE
  • Ex Officio:  SYBEL PICI
  • Recording Secretary:  GAYLE NELSON


AMC Music Staff, 2016-2017


  • Master Director:  Mary Ann Wydra
  • Assistant Director:  Hilda Mancillas
  • Choreographer:  Lisa Deiser   Riser Capatin: Ronda Perez
  • Tenor Section Leaders:  Hilda Mancillas and Elizabeth Speigle
  •      Additional Tape Checker:  Paula Chrisman
  • Lead Section Leaders:  Robin Negrón and Jane Schlinke
  •      Additional Tape Checkers:  Candice Griffith and Lynn Lada
  • Baritone Section Leaders:  Bebe Caldwell, June Deiser and Marguerite Reavis
  •      Additional Tape Checker:  Mary Downs
  • Bass Section Leaders:  Lisa Deiser and Ronda Perez
  •      Additional Tape Checker:  Cindy Fossum
  • Music Librarian:  Kerry Parker
  • Auditions Coordinator:  Ronda Perez
  • Recording Supervisor:  Bebe Caldwell
  • Membership CD Coordinators:  Mary Seward and Robin Negron
  • Arrangement Coordinators:  Jane Schlinke and Mary Ann Wydra
  • Performance Coordinator:  June Deiser